Artist of the Week

Le Dame Art Gallery’s Artist of the Week is Jennii Booth, an artist who hails originally from Canada and specialises in the mediums of drawing and photography. Jennii believes that her purpose as an artist is quite simply to explore and record evidence of her environment, presenting versions of the visual truth as testimony to her experiences. “Versions” is the key word. Indeed, Jennii works directly from her stimulus, but produces a response, rather than a trace. In many cases she declares the need to celebrate the slight changes made, or her “mistakes”, which “add another level of originality to the work” and its perception as such.

In her photographs, whilst the saturation of the colours of her work may appear artificial or playfully distorted, they are in reality only a fraction more intense than those originally observed; her desire is always to remain loyal. The effect, however, is to reinvigorate, and to challenge the acceptance of what we see, and brings new levels of significance to the image. With bright fuchsia and cobalt, and zingy lime and turquoise, she heightens our awareness of subjects – and their relationships to one another – that so often neatly fall into the background. Her focus in many works is on the juxtaposition of objects – old and new for instance. “Confluence”, for example, taken in Ghent, suggests the act, or process, of merging culture, time, and audience, generating an outcome that stimulates thought as well as aesthetic appreciation for the townscape.

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