Artist of the week – Vanni Macchiagodena

Vanni Macchiagodena was born in Termoli (Italy) in 1968. Self-taught, he is becoming increasingly recognized throughout Europe for his work both as a sculptor and painter. Throughout his paintings, now exhibited at Le Dame, Macchiagodena expresses a direct, physical engagement with the world around him and with the forces of nature at play. Landscapes almost always rocky, almost always drenched in thick whites, or cast in dim and diffuse greys, expand and explode. Landscapes where, at times, as if by miracle, skies are stained by a pale, shy shade of blue; where huge blocks of stone rise up, massive, and monstrous, as if sculpted in a dazzle of colour, of ochre-tinged saffron. Ultimately, these tones seek to evoke a world, “Molise,” the artist’s birthplace, a region exalted, symbol for Everywhere and Nowhere, wherein we, the viewers, are transported: seduced, ultimately, into the artist’s dizzying, spellbinding spaces.

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