Fatima Matar is an artist and poet originally from Kuwait. She currently lives in Coventry UK with her ten year old daughter Jori. When you asked her at what age art had become her main interest she responds: “Since the first time I held a crayon as a toddler”.


“I paint to survive and to understand. Painting is my way of seeing the world, it’s my method of feeling, my only instrument to comprehend what can’t be seen, touched or heard”.

In most of her artworks the subjects are women. Fatima finds women beautiful, inspiring and magical: “A lot of women that I paint look like me i.e. black hair, dark eyes, tanned skin, full lips. The reason for this is that most paintings of women available out of there represent the Western woman, pale to very white skin, blue eyes, blond hair, small rosebud lips! They are very beautiful of course, but I would like to see more Eastern and Middle Eastern women in works of art. Beauty in art should be diverse and relevant to all races. With her art Fatima wants to express the complexity of female emotions, to show how multidimensional women can be and that they are not simple beings. She likes to tell stories in her paintings and she strives to make the viewer feel something.


“I think it’s important to walk away from a work of art with a new feeling.”

Read more about Fatima Matar.

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