ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Mather Gillian

Mather Gillian is a Scottish artist. She attended the Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal College of Art, where she was awarded The Henriques Prize for the best woman artist during her tenure at the RCA. The Royal Academy also rewarded her work with the David Murray award for Landscape Painting. She took part in many Solo and Group exhibitions such as in 2015 ‘Love – The Souls of Men as Polar Bears’, at the Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh; ‘Visual Arts Scotland:Transforming’, at the Royal Scottish Academy, in Edinburgh always in 2015 and ‘Outside the White Cube’, at the Bemondsey Project Space in London in 2012.


About her work she says: “My interest is in exploring new approaches to figurative art. I paint rapidly, using simple brushstrokes and colours, avoiding inconsequential detail, to create elements of abstraction within a very basic semi-impressionistic form”.

She is influenced by Matisse and Bonnard, but also by cave paintings and naive art. She uses bold colours to capture the basic shape of polar bears, in this current case, and to define the details with simple brush strokes.

Polar Bears Swimming at Sunset by Gillian Mather MA (RCA)

Polar Bears Swimming 2015 60×90 Acrylic on canvas £ 1500

The purpose of her art is to give pleasure to people who are not normally interested in art. “I aim to make the heart sing”




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