ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Charlie Hawksfield

The artist of this week is Charlie Hawksfield, a self-taught artist living and working in rural West Sussex. During his studies at the Goldsmiths University, where he graduated in 2011, he had the possibility to know the theories of Foucault and Saussure that would affect his work.


Charlie takes inspiration from Mass Media, British History and folklore and experiments different  techniques, such as emulsion, spray paint, wood stain, tar and varnish on the canvas. He realizes also paintings of people and animals on commissions.

He was also featured on the Ashurst Emerging Art Prize website and he has a new commission from Polo professional Richard Le Poer courtesy of the C and H ball auction. On the 12th March, he was at the Parham Point to Point with Tilly Berendt selling their wares.


For more information about Charlie Hawksfield visit his websites:


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