The artist of the week is Oti Goodhind, a Spanish architect.

She studied engineering and architecture and worked in many countries such as Germany, Sweden, UK, USA and Spain. Now she lives in a converted ruin in Catalonia, but she spends part of her time in London and Barcelona too. Every place where Oti lives affects in some way her work: the Catalonia’s rural landscape, its beauty and peace, allow her to escape and create her own universe; instead Barcelona and London, with their frenzy, create a sense of movement and  instability that we always find in her artwork. Infact she is obsessed with borders, ambiguity, uncertain and unstable territories.

Through her art she wants to capture a precarious equilibrium. To realize her works, Oti creates small model pieces or a set of sketches that she digitally scans and then alters.

pod03-2015otigoodhind-mixed media, Inkjet, black ink, silver pigment and acrylic on velvet epsom hea

As she states: “The results are mixed media paintings. Some of the works I am doing now are only based on drawing, Ink and acrylic painting”.

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