ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Mireia Izquierdo

The artist of the week is the Spanish artist and architect Mireia Izquierdo.

Even if Mireia took up a career as an architect, now she spends a lot of her time painting too. These two professions, the architect and the artist ones, reflect her interests and personality: she loves pragmatic subjects, definite rules and everything which is  rational; but, at the same time, she likes and needs to explore beyond the boundaries.

As she states  “Art gives me the control to break rules and paint by instinct”.

4 Mireia izquierdo Abstract Art Textured Painting

She takes inspiration from artists such as Rodin and Turner. She especially admires how they were able to express movement and life: Turner by the use of light and tone; Rodin by leaving some pieces unfinished or rough around the edges.

“I want my art to be visually stimulating, just as the paintings of those that I have admired have captured my attention”.

Mireia mainly paints abstract art as, according to her, it is the medium most open to the viewer’s interpretation: each person can feel and see different things by watching her paintings. For this reason, she wants to hide her interpretation and presence  in her own work as much as possible.

“After all, it is a creation for the viewer and should be out of the artist’s control following inception.”



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