Artist of the Week: Ernesto Heen

Today the artist of the week comes from Schleiz, Germany: it is Erneso Heen.

Ernesto spent more over than 15 years in international business administration and management, working in operational roles for several large corporations in the aviation, engineering and IT Sector.

In the last 10 years he lived between France and England, where he had the opportunity to be in contact with the classical art, visit numerous exhibitions, study the works of great artists and participate in comprehensive training in classical drawing and painting.

Now he is a full-time artist and he has opened his own studio in Hamburg, right close to the beautiful Alster lake’s shores.

His work is inspired by the Dutch techniques to create the perfect light. His  brushes are very delicate and capture every single ‘breath’ of a still life or a sitter.

The final result is a realistic style characterized by vivid contrasts, luminescent tones and an overall strong colour key that is always supported by a carefully rendered composition to enhance the presence of the painted object.

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