Artist of the week: Ipung Purnomo

Today, for the artist of the week, we go to Indonesia.

Ipung Purnomo is an Indonesian self-taught artist who started his career as street artist. He lived for some years in Jogyakarta, where he run a studio painting and his work was inspired by the lifestyle of the city.

Ipung Purnomo Kid#2 2016 mixed media on paper 40cmx60cm

Kid#2 2016 43x61cm Mixed media on paper £ 900

But Ipung is always looking for something new, new challenges and new adventures: an exciting source of inspiration for his art. So he has decided to move to Papua, a small town surrounding  by a forest, where it’s very difficult to find art media. Here he has started portraying Papuan people, their daily lives. He focuses on their expressions and their simplicity. With an expressionistic style and the use of mixed media and thick lines, he can capture the depth of Papuan’s feelings, their emotions and their essence.

Ipung Purnomo Closer 2016 mixed media on paper 42cmx59.4cm

Closer 2016 42×59.4 Mixed media on paper £ 900

According to Ipung, his art is a continuous research, he is seeking a unique, distinctive artistic expression:

“That’s why my early works were a bit experimental. It was a “search”. I must have bold ideas to express my art. The process won’t stop until I reach a refinement.”

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