Vito Stramaglia

The artist of the week is Vito Stramaglia, from Apulia, in the Southern Italy.

Coming from a family of painters and decorators, at the beginning he refused Art and he decided to follow a different path: he became a professional boxer.

But the urge of painting was too strong and he could not ignore it longer. So he returned to his real and inner passion and now he is a full-time painter.

GRAMMOFONO  olio su tela 80x105 2016

Grammofono (Gramophone) 2016 80×105 Oil on canvas £ 1980

Vito’s work is characterized by the informal technique where the form is crushed and it is lost in the “All”. The figures that he usually represents are undefined, because, according to him, the form is just an invention of rationality: he wants to use his heart instead of his brain. His soul chooses his subjects.


Cenere (Ashes) 2016 58.5 x 44 Oil on canvas £ 1430

Vito prefers the use of lumps of colors, elegant brushstrokes and  usually his figures are in a sort of meditation. The general feeling by observing his artworks is one of melancholia, where tenderness is juxtaposed to strength. Vito just represents what every Human being feels every day. There is always this dualism in people’s lives: love and violence; happiness and sadness.


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