Artist of the week: Maisoon Al Saleh

Today the artist of the week is Maisoon Al Saleh, from Dubai.

Born in 1988 and graduated in 2010 in Interior design, her carreer as an artist starts soon after her degree. She takes part in many Solo and Group exhibitions in Dubai and internationally: Art Dubai; Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi; Macedonian Museum in Greece; Palazzo TE Museum in Italy; Centro Cultural CajaGRANADA Memoria in  Spain are just some places where her artworks have been exhibited. Maisoon’s work has been included in many shows in the United Stated too and it is now in the Barjeel Art Foundation collection in Sharjah.

She draws inspiration from historic representational art, like the famous early twentieth century prints of Mexican artist José Guadelupe Posada.

With her work, Maisoon wants to explore and go beyond the surface meaning of stories and accounts of the past. Her recurring subjects are bones and skulls as a means of telling stories that transcend age and gender.


In each painting, skeletal compositions reveal stories from Emirati life, culture and history, asserting new meaning that undermines the bones’ symbolic association with death and poison. Al Saleh brings viewers into a discussion about the importance of Emirati history and challenge how we think about history and memory.

As she states: “I want to focus on the inside and remind everyone of just how similar we all are in the end”.

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