Artist of the week: Gennaro Santaniello

Today the artist of the week comes from Italy, exactly from Naples: it’s  Gennaro Santaniello.

With a mechanical engineering degree, he has always had a passion for Art and he started painting when he was still  a child.

Ten years ago, he finally turned this passion in his profession.

Santaniello_Gennaro_'la ventana de Lorca'

La ventana de lorca (2 canvas), 2016 oil on canvas 60×80 cm £ 2400

Preferring oil on canvas to create shades and contrasts, the main subject of his work is the human figure: the viewer can always  perceive its presence even if it isn’t physically in the painting.


Crash can Coca cola, 2015 oil on canvas, 60×70 cm £2200

His main purpose is to send a message of harmony and beauty, but at the same time, he would like the viewer to reflect on itself, society and life. He wants to create a discussion on daily topics and the observer has to participate. To achieve it, Santaniello usually associates faces or bodies with words, simple phrases or messages that complete the meaning of his artwork.

Santaniello_Gennaro_'hungry and fool. The beatles'

Hungry and fool the beatles (4 canvas), 2016 acrylic on canvas 20×20 cm £3900

Some of his paintings have a nuance of Pop Art. In each case with his work, Santaniello always focuses on daily life drawing inspiration from cover photo, celebrities or ordinary people.

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