Artist of the week: Nanda Khiara

The artist of the week is Nanda Khiara: an Indian artist who travels around the world, from Kuwait, Hong Kong, Dubai to London.

Her abstract paintings are characterized by bright colours which reminds viewers the Indian tradition, and by big size canvas.


Bombay, 2016 150 x 80 cm Acrylic on Linen Canvas £2.000,00

But why this choice? As she states, she uses bold colors on her canvases for making an engaging content. The colors create an instant mood, and the use of canvasese’ big size helps to reach this purpose.


Disambiguation II The Sunny Life, 2016 240 x 90 cm Acrylic on Linen  Canvas £4.500,00

Through her work she wants to tell a story which draws inspiration from her life, people she met during her journeys. And to tell these stories Nanda creates series of paintings, such as Time Travel, that reflect the thoughts of an extensive cross-border cultural views, integration of values and beliefs; Eye / I (plural) which expresses the way Nanda  sees the world and the way any particular eye can see the world.

Another important series is  Organized Chaos, with whom Nanda  raises funds for the Indian girl child.

“. I like to express my thoughts, feelings and there is always a story on which I base my art on.”


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