Baraggioli, Nicolò

Nicolò Baraggioli is an abstract artist, born in 1985 in Genoa, Italy. He lives and works in London.

Nicolò creates mostly abstract and landscape oil and acrylic paintings. His technique consists of carefully painting a first coat of colors on canvas and then multiple layers of paint are applied on top of the initial “under-painting”.

Obsessed with the attention to details, he studies every single inch of his artworks with extreme conscientiousness. His work is an abstract and unique view of the world around him.

A life spent around the water and traveling the world have fed an appetite for landscapes, colors and the power of nature (fascinated by the beauty of fire he creates a series of burnt papers). His love for photography and a deeply passion for traveling have also took him to create a selection of overpainted photographs which are taken by the artist during his journeys. His works are sold across Europe and worldwide. Most of his collectors are in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden and the US.


Solo and Group Exhibitions

Walton Fine Arts, London (Collective)

Natural History Museum, Genoa (Collective)

Spazio46 (Palazzo Ducale), Genoa (Collective)

OnArt Gallery, Florence (Collective)

Plaumann Art Gallery, Milan (Collective)

Coronari111 Art Gallery, Rome (Collective)

Centro Culturale 01, Barletta (Collective)


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