Blackmore, Emily

” I believe that like the single line everyone is a unique amalgamation with many, sometimes contradictory, parts. The closer you look the more potential there is to be surprised by the person and the portrait. It is common to feel fear or distrust when encountering a culture that is different than your own. It is my belief that understanding will enable empathy, or the ability to see where the other is “coming from”. As the mystery or unknown subsides, so should the fear. I am producing a body of work that creates a level playing field by highlighting the complexities and uniqueness found in each culture. To accomplish this, I am creating a series of abstract paintings that represent different cultural demographics.”


Emily Blackmore was born in Texas in 1987. She moved to London in 2016 to study at the University of East London’s MA Fine Art course. Emily has a BA in Communication from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and an MLS in Global Studies from Southern Methodist University. Both have informed her work with a sensitivity to message and a conceptual awareness of the human condition.
In 2016, Emily began Sirimiri Artistry, her personal studio. Sirimiri (meaning light rain) embodies the life giving voice that Emily tries to bring to various cultural and social issues.
Her work has been featured in a number of European exhibitions including: Stimulus at Greenhouse Berlin, Germany; The Many Faces of Barcelona at Jiwar Creation Society, Barcelona; 100% Abstract by Le Dame Gallery, London; 51% Remember Her by Elements Gallery, London; and Element by Trinity Buoy Wharf Residency, London.
As an artist, Emily Blackmore explores why people do what they do, visually representing the complexities of the human condition in mixed media and sculpture. Her practice is characterized by vibrant colors, mixed paint and drawing media, and a celebration of diversity.
Her continuous line series attempts to highlight the paradox of our shared humanity and our unrepeatable singularity. We all have basic needs; however, the way we experience life, the choices we make, and our own individual personalities make us unique. The series began with abstract mixed media painting and progressed to include continuous line portraits, 3D relief paintings, and wire sculpture.


Awards and Publications:

First Place: Pen and ink category, ORUEF National Finals Competition, 2005.

First Place: Pen and ink category, ORUEF National Finals Competition, 2006.

First Place: Fashion design category, ORUEF National Finals Competition, 2006.

“Changing Frames: Engaging Multiple Identities in Cultural Conflicts”, European Scientific Journal. Special Edition, Vol. 1. (2015).