Bowe, Joshua

When I paint men and women, I also want to paint Mankind”

Josh Bowe’s painting is all about the universal human experience, the distillation of the base elements that bind us together. His portaits can transform one man’s longing or one woman’s suffering into reflections of aspects at the core of the viewers’ own personality.

Twelve months ago, Josh switched from acrylic to oil and the new medium has proved a revelation for him. The process he goes through to complete a painting is an investigation, a constant struggle to reconcile the opposing forces of representation and abstraction. The faces that inspire him the most are the faces that best portray the journeys we all take along the road of life; faces that capture both the decisions we make and the decisions forced upon us by circumstance. He is fascinated by the way the human physiognomy can mirror the variant strengths and relative proportions of the elements that combine within us all to forge our characters and personalities. The acceptance of defeat, the will to triumph, the courage to hope, the profondity of loneliness, the permanence of loss, the painstaking accretion of wisdom – these are some of the sentiments that Josh mines and extracts from the wrinkles on a homeless man’s brow or the radiance of an old woman’s eyes. The titles Josh gives his portraits are abstract nouns, not names. With a name comes a history, a biography, the series of associations and preconceptions that makes us all unique; by stripping away these labels, Josh extracts the essence of humanity from the individual. The identities of his subjects, their backstories – whether they live on the street or in a mansion – are subservient to the role he gives them as archetypes.

Solo and Collective Exhibitions:

April – June 2016 Biscuit Factory – Contemporary Portrait Award

November 2015 – Gabriel Fine Art Gallery

May – June 2015 – Whitby Art Cafe Gallery

September – November 2014 – Transient Bodies @ View Art Gallery – Bristol


Awards and Publications:

Compendium of DrawingTechniques – Donna Krizek