Chloe, Liu

“My paintings are all about flowers. I like the idea of “Life and Death” of nature and flower represents the shorter version of human’s life. In my hometown, there are lots of different kinds of flowers and nature surround me in daily life, which make me always feel peaceful, purity and the beauty of the nature. I like to capture the flower blooms and decaying moment into my still life painting because I want to show the audience the my passion of the relationship between human and nature. Although, no matter how beautiful the flower is, it will always dries out at the end. As it is the same cycle of human‘s life. Life is too short and every living thing needs to face the life and death moment so this is the reason why I chose dark colours for background as it expresses the end of life – the sadness of death”


2013 Group Exhibition | Chloe K S Liu, Faye Chan, Sunyin Xiaowen, Wang Yu Long

2014 WCA Undergraduate Summer Show

2014 SCOPE Raw London

2015 Parallax Art Fair

2015 Exhibit Here’s Summer Exhibition