Christopher Fowler

Christopher Fowler is expressionistic figurative painter hailing from rural southeastern North Carolina. His paintings seek to expose the vulnerability behind human figures and life while exploring the contradicting facades that humans are often forced to retreat behind.

Christopher cannot trace back to the start of his passion for art; it grew from the “moment he realized what pens could do to paper.” His artistic renaissance burst forth in college when he stopped attempting to simply duplicate things well and began striving to create pieces that collectors could connect with.

His artistic training took place at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. His senior exhibit was titled “Glowing, Fluorescent Box of Air” and featured figurative mixed media works. He completed an independent study under renowned artist James Biedermann during his time at UNCP on oil painting.

With a keen eye for anatomy, Christopher’s works are typically comprised of portraits and nude subjects focused under his study of gender. He seeks to paint displeasing subjects in an appealing way – an homage to Francis Bacon’s dark collections of the 1950’s. His most recent collection features a muted color palette focusing on darker tones. He uses bursts of primary colors to infuse his works with high contrast. His style is reminiscent of the Southern gothic literary period, which focuses on deeply troubling sides of human nature’ themes of poverty, alienation, and violence; and androgynous figures. The duality of beauty and disfigurement represented within Christopher’s work mimics the true representation of human nature in life.

Collectors of Christopher’s work have described his subject matter as “haunting,” “sexy,” and “unabashed.” One reviewer had this to say about his recent collection: “The figurative work with the masks and altered space feels intriguing to me, probably because if suggests a narrative and seems to provide more symbolic references.”


University of North Carolina Pembroke BA 2011

“Glowing Florescent Box of Air” Group Exhibition AD Gallery Pembroke, NC 2011

“Faceless Portraits” Group Exhibition Carolina Civic Center Lumberton, NC 2014

“Art Below Summer Show” Muse Gallery London, England 2015

Aesthetica Magazine 2015

“Telephone Game” Solo Exhibltion Carolina Civic Center, Lumberton, NC 2015

Gallery Andrea, Scottsdale AZ 2015

Bottega Gallery Wilmington, NC, 2015

Le Dame Gallery Group Exhibition London, England 2015

“Transition Exhibition” Group Exhibition, Strasbourg Central Station Strasbourg, France 2015

“Damned Exhibition” Group Exhibition, Detroit, MI 2015

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