Daini, Matteo

Matteo Daini is an Italian independent and freelance artist.

About his work “Invisible Cities”,  Flavia Fucile, from the University Ca’ Foscari In Venice, says:

These paintings have a simple line that hides a rough and dirty nature; where nothing is left to the chance. The contrast between full and empty spaces, the speed sign is accompanied by a sense of lightness and simulated randomness. A game, a challenge that the artist launches: understand an abstract Geometry. The artist underlines the importance of the distance, thought as an apathetic detachment for the right understanding of the events and people. In this case it’s not the drawing, but the viewer that  gives life to the landscape and ancient cities. The reference to Calvino is clear, in a perfect transposition from the literary style to the figurative one. The observer is involved in many sensorial realities, through a precarious equilibrium between emotional and rational.


  • 2008/ 2010 –  Collaboration with the megazine  “Eccellenze Italiane” – illustrazioni.
  • 2008/2012 – Graphic activity.
  • 2009 –   Collaboration with Giulio Perrone Editore –  Copertina del libro “voci giovani del Mediterraneo”
  • 2010 – Partecipation to the award “Premio Internazionae – TERNA categoria GIGAWATT”
  • 2010 – Partecipation to the award “ Patrizia Barlettani NEXT_GENERATION”, Galleria d’arte S.Lorenzo di Milano
  • 2011 – Solo exhinition in  “Fabrica di Calisto” of Rome
  • 2013/2016 –  Indipendent artist and freelance.