De Lancey, Sebastian

Evolution has always been a recurring theme in my life. I find myself embracing undefined ways of creating; this is valuable especially in our contemporary space as these can yield new and robust ideologies. Although aggressive investigation is essential to expanding the visual landscape, somehow, in pondering the simplest happenings, there is an avenue progress. In my country, people who were searching for celebratory sound developed the steel pan in the 1930s. We all look for these avenues to unveil modes of expression, representation or simply to communicate. This is what drives me as an artist. In my practice, I traverse these avenues to imagine my environment both physically and psychologically. I believe artwork transmits when it can be seen to inherit the properties of an ‘artist’s flux’ – the space where perceptions unravel. In the islands, it is common to see vendors selling coconuts off of panel vans. They seize them and cut in with long machetes referred to locally as ‘3 line cutlass’. The action, skill and precision used in carving are an antithesis to the unregulated mountain of empty carcasses left on the vans. There is beauty here – on each van is a cacophony of earthy colors punctuated by the black hollows of the nut.”

Sebastian de Lancey_Coconuts on a Blue Van_2016_oil on canvas_76x56

Coconuts on a Blue Van, 2016 Oil on canvas 76×56 £ 970


Sebastian de Lancey is an artist from the Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago. Reflecting the islands’ diverse culture, Sebastian applies artistic versatility in order to respond to the contemporary muse. Exposure and experimentation with various art forms have enabled a sustained course of evolution in the artist’s work. It was during a hiatus from studies that he committed to ‘les diamants’ – the uneven canvas.

He holds a BA (Hons.) in Visual art and is currently completing post graduate studies at the University of the West Indies. de Lancey is a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society and has shown in Trinidad, Canada and the US.


Group Exhibtions:

UWI 25th Anniversary Exhibition | 2012

UWI Fine Art and Design Exhibition | 2013

The Meeting Place (Caribbean In Transit):  Body, Institution and Memory | 2013

Interpretations of the Human Figure | 2013

Mentoring with the Masters Ceremony (Design) | 2014

From likeness to fiction: The portrait inside out (Canada/Trinidad) | 2015

Drawing from Our Heritage: Colours of Our East Indian Culture | 2015

ArtLoveNewYork (USA) | 2015

Africa – The Living Legacy | 2015

Awards and Publications:

Artists to Look Out For: Volume 2 – Starry Night Programs 2015