Gennaro Santaniello

The most important day of my life does not have an exact date, but is engraved in my soul indelibly. I was a child and in a winter afternoon someone knocked on the door. I opened my mother that gave to me a large box, a gift to me. Inside I found an easel, canvases, a box of oil colors. Since that afternoon I never stopped painting and say thanks.”


Gennaro was born in 1980 in southern Italy, in Nola, near Naples and he has always lived in the shadow of Vesuvius. He had a course of study that has little, perhaps nothing, to do with art: after high school he graduated in mechanical engineering. He was lucky enough to travel and observe the art of the great masters up close.

The center of his artistic production is the figure. Usually he uses the faces and bodies as part of a message that he associates with some simple word, phrase or concept that completes the meaning. Or is the word itself that refers to the figure, as for some titles. He likes to think that the viewer of his work, in addition to the concept of harmony and beauty, can find the time, watching his canvas, to reflect on itself, society or life. He thinks it is important to force the viewer to participate in the discussion, perhaps by supplementing it. The technique he prefers is oil on canvas, because it allows him to work with the nuances and to return more often on the work. He also likes to paint some nuances of pop art.