Gotowiecka, Adriana

“The themes of my work are many and varied over the years, my paintings are triggered by someone or something I experienced in life, although then might take me years for everything to come into place like an art map of my personal life. I have worked in many mediums over the years but I love the freedom of big, bold, tactile fingerstrokes and multilayering that acrylic allows therefore acrylic is my main medium.  I also like to work with paper, acrylic pens and paint-spray making a collage or paint a whole canvas using only sprays. I enjoy the lack of any rules in art and painting which makes my work free flowing, uninhibited, bold and colourful.”



Adriana Gotowiecka was born in Poland, where she lived and studied until mid-90s. As a child, Adriana found immense pleasure in painting and drawing. She began a long and passionate affair with art when she was only 8 years old. Adriana demonstrated an innate creative instinct very early on, using her mother’s nail varnishes. Communist Poland was a difficult place for a child to explore creativity due to scarce availability of materials. Adriana went on to study Art in both high school and college, while still keeping alive her love for sports, medicine and helping people. From the age of 12 she competed in sprint water kayaking becoming a Pro athlete. Adriana subsequently obtained a BSc in Nursing in Wroclaw, Poland. While in Wroclaw her passion for art was ever present and in the early 90s she was privately taught by Marian Pekosz, the Polish landscape artist. She also met the sculptress Krystyna Plawska-Jackiewicz, who introduced her to three dimensional art.
In 1995 she arrived in London to study English and Art. In those days, as a Polish citizen, Adriana was unable to enroll at University in the UK and instead pursued her hunger for learning through numerous courses. She studied drawing and painting in all medias at MAE, Merton Adult Education, Art Department and in 1998 finally at Putney Art College. Adriana considers her artistic roots as ‘self -taught’ thanks to personal research and her unique approach in the exploration of her creativity. Numerous writers have inspired her, such as Wendon Blake & Rudy De Reyna, as well as Alwyn Crawshaw, the founder of the Society of Amateur Artists and the president of the National Acrylic Painters’ Association, who has written over twenty books on art instruction.


Solo and Collective Exhibitions:

May 30th 2015 – ‘The Best of Her’ – Galeria Wola. Private View. Warsaw – Poland

January 16th 2015  – ‘Ma Philosophie’ – Private View. Warsaw – Poland

December 12th 2014 – ‘Ma Philosophie’ – Private View. London – England

May 16th 2010 – ‘Turning Into You’ – Private View. Warszawa – Poland

July 13th 2008 – ‘In Style of Cezanne’ – Galeria Wita. Warsaw – Poland

Jun 7, 2016 – Chianciano Art Museum. Critical Analysis by Art Critic: Timothy Warrington. ICAC. International Confederation of Art Critiques