Haus des Rodriguez

“I am Haus des Rodriguez. I am Alive. I consist of several parts like human body, and all these parts work together as one entity. My soul is Catalina and Mariia. My body is fluid and ethereal, it grows constantly adding up to its structure photographs, paintings, poems, stories, installations and visual sequences. My mission is to carry love, beauty and harmony. I believe in true love and freedom, and I will tell about it with my creations.

I am Haus des Rodríguez”




Haus des Rodriguez is a permanent artistic duo of Catalina and Mariia Rodriguez based in Seattle, WA. Through painting, photography and writing the duo is focused on human form as a juxtaposition point between the physical and spiritual worlds. From the principle of duality Haus des Rodriguez explains connection between seemingly extremes. Working with opposite mediums at the first sight, artists are balancing their two primary beginnings in order to find a Medieval path: with painting being absolutely ethereal harmonizing physical component; and with photography – spiritual one.

Haus des Rodriguez exhibited nationally and internationally including in the United Kingdom, Canada and Ukraine. The duo is a part of the London Photographic Association based in the UK, Contemporary Art Curator magazine in Barcelona, and 5.6 store, Ukraine.


2016: Big Bro Barbershop: “Eye’s Frames”, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

2016: Kirkland Public Library, “Depths of Waters”, Kirkland, WA.


2016: Juried: Transience, King Street Station, Seattle, WA.

2016: Juried: Rejected: Second Chance Art Show, Detroit, IM.

2016: Juried: Unclad Art Show, Edmonds, WA.

2016: Juried: Mujeres de Maiz, Annual Show: “One: Mind, Body, Spirit”, Los Angeles, CA.

2015: “Contemporary Painting”, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK.

2015: RAW Artists, Holiday RAWk, Foundation Nightclub, Seattle, WA.

2015: Chocolate and Art Show, Fremont Abbey Art Center, Seattle, WA.

2015: Juried: Erasure, Nuclear Exchange Studio and VCR Gallery, TK Artists Lofts, Seattle, WA.

2015: Niagara College, Welland campus: Year 1 and Year 2 work showcase, final portfolio showcase.

2014: Niagara College, Welland campus: Year 1 and Year 2 work showcase.

2013: Taras Shevchenko National Museum, “Borshchaga” photo project, Kiev, Ukraine.

2010: Photo Exhibition “Diversity, Queer Week”, – Project “What’s wrong?”, on how LGBT is dealing with existence in discriminate Ukrainian society, Kiev, Ukraine.

2010: Photo Exhibition: “Ukrainian LGBT identity” (Documentary, Social Issues), Queer Camp, Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine.

2009: Photo Exhibition: “Rainbow theme for you”, Social issues on drug use in LGBT community, Kiev, Ukraine.


Awards and Publications:


2016: Interview, Old Woods Artists Gatherings Blog, USA.

2015:, Review “Contemporary Painting”, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK.

2015: Contemporary Art Curator, on-line magazine artist directory member, Barcelona, Spain.

2015: inception 5, Digital Photography Program, School of Media Studies/ Niagara College Canada, 2014/15 Volume 5.

2014: inception 4, Digital Photography Program, School of Media Studies/ Niagara College Canada, 2013/14 Volume 4.


2015: Honorable Mention, Nature category, Monochrome Awards 2015.

2015: Honorable Mention, Nature: Landscapes category, International Photography Awards 2015.

2015: Honorable Mention, Fine Art: Nudes category, International Photography Awards 2015.

2015: Honorable Mention, Fine Art: Portrait category, International Photography Awards 2015.