Heen, Ernesto

“The above group of paintings has been named “Connections”. The paintings have been created from October to December 2015. They are painted in oils on linen canvas and have been individually framed. Besides the realistic representation of cables and telephone poles these paintings carry the idea of connections between people and their interactions. The works reflect on the coexistence of nature and the doing of mankind. It is an invitation to explore the relation of a fleeting moment against the persistence of things.”



Ernesto Heen was born in Schleiz in Germany. He lives and works as a full-time artist in Hamburg where he has his work studio in city centre close to the beautiful Alster lake. Especially the last 10 years living in France and England brought him very close to classical art while having had the chance to visit numerous exhibitions, study the works of great artists and concentrate on classical drawing and painting.

As active member of the international THoTA artist community he is closely connected with fellow artists, galerists, and private collectors to further develop, enhance and showcase his work.

Ernesto’s paintings are characterise by a carefully rendered composition that enhance the presence of the painted object. He applies classical painting techniques to create his stylistic overtones of altering a scene into a new reality.


Solo and Collective Exhibitions:

2016         Tokyo International Art Fair (13-14 May) / Tokyo, Japan

2016         “Landscapes” 2016 (April) Art Exhibition, LST Gallery / Florida, USA

2016         First Hand (02 April), Open Atelier, Papenhuder57 Gallery / Hamburg, Germany

2016         Tayas Café House (24 February-24 May) / Hamburg, Germany

2016         Parallax Art Fair (13-14 February) / London, UK

2016         ARTROOMS 2016 (22-25 January) / London, UK

2015        “Animals” 2015 (November), LST Gallery / Florida, USA


Awards and Publications:

2016        Special Merit Award “Landscapes” – Light Space & Time Gallery / Florida, USA

2015        Special Recognition Award “Animals” – Light Space & Time Gallery / Florida, USA


The Connections Series was first presented during the ArtRooms 2016 and got very positive critics form visitors and viewers.