Hoang, Xuan

“My paintings are both abstract and representational. I create new and strange environments where realistic references can be seen. My process of painting is freely led to the outcome of my work. I let the work move, and I follow where the work goes, letting the shapes, tones, and forms organically grow between each other, to create the painting itself. Having travelled extensively around south-east Asia, “Dreamscape” depicts memories of the boundless, dreamy landscapes that inspired me on my journey.”


Dreamscape, 2015, 100×76 Oil on canvas £ 2100


Xuan Minh Hoang is a London based artist, who trained at Chelsea School of Art & Design, and Central St Martins. Xuan’s paintings are a free-flowing expression of nature and urban scenery. Open to individual interpretation, her abstract worlds are inspired by the environment around her as well as being lead by her memories and imagination.

Xuan has exhibited and sold across London including South Kensington Artspace Milner, Candid Arts Gallery, and Truman Brewery.