Huh Hwe Tae

Huh Hwe Tae was born in 1957 at Soon Chun and has won various outstanding awards, including the prize at the Korea National Exhibition which marks a milestone in his career.

Huh has been engrossed in calligraphy for almost 50 years including Seal engraving on bamboo and even on ceramic. In 2005, he invented “Emography, a technique derived from emotion and calligraphy. It is a kind of compounding creative new word created by him, for the sake of further studies, later on.

He graduated from the Dept. of Korean painting, at the Sang Ayung University. His trial has been sustained looking for new methods in which he can transform calligraphy into contemporary art. In order to escape from past images of mere brushstrokes on plain paper, Huh Hwe Tae has been experimenting with contriving new materials freeing himself of stereotypical painting and brushwork.



He has had invitational exhibitions overseas such as in Germany, Usa, China and domestic. So far he has participated in various exhibitions and had 17 Solo exhibition, numerous Group exhibitions as well, recently he had an invitational exhibition hosted by George Madison University, Usa, where with a special perfomance and he won he diverse calligraphy awards either Calligraphy Culture Awards or Monthly Calligraphy Award.