Jachimecova, Simona

Artist Statement

Simona was born and raised in a small town in Slovakia and lived and worked in various cities all over Europe. Simona`s abstract art represents the spiritual forces and personal experiences that she has had along her journey through life. In 2011, she moved to Dubai looking for new opportunities and to meet new people. She currently works as a Flight Attendant and her job takes her all over the world immersing her in to different cultures albeit briefly. All these experiences weigh in heavily in her work. Simona`s artwork represent dreams, emotions and lessons learned.
To paint, Simona uses her fingers to give more connection to her work. She prefers vibrant contrasting colours to bring out all the emotions from the painting. It is her hope that her paintings can bring harmony and peace into people’s lives.

In November 2014 Simona participated in the International Art competition,The Golden Brush Award in Dubai.

In February 2015 Simona had her own solo exhibition „Serendipity“ in Sharjah , U.A.E

In May 2015 Simona participated in the Contemporary Art Exhibition „The Big Picture“ in Dubai, U.A.E and has most recently participated in the International Art competition „The Golden Brush Award „ in Dubai U.A.E, November 2015.


The painting ” Surfer’s dream” has been shortlisted for the International Emerging Artist Award 2016 – World Art Fair 2016 in Dubai