Jennii Booth

Jennii Booth is an emerging artist specialising in Drawing and Photography. A roster of her favourite artists would include David Shrigley, ROA, Franz Ackerman, Hieronymous Bosch and Wolfgang Tillmans. Jennii has an Honours Bachelor of Fine Art & a B.Ed and currently lives and work in London.

About the Artist

I like to make things, I make a lot of mistakes…sometimes over and over again until it becomes its own algorithm. I thrive on the rawness of drawing…and use photography to hunt and capture the nuances. I use Art in attempt to channel my own madness. Sometimes this works out well but that is for you to decide.

Further skeletons of truth…I’m a sell out, I teach Art. I rise up miles before the sun and spend my daze clucking around inside this beautifully chaotic ecosystem we call ‘school’. In addition to making and cleaning up colourful messes all day, I’ve been trying to create an empire within which everyone can feel free.Imagine a panoptic rectangle of fun, a haunt that combines elements of Narnia, Middle Earth and your own deviant subconscious. A place where surrealist black coffee dances to Bhangra beats and then personifies itself so it can walk around handing out stickers and drawing on the table. Come and lose yourself in Art, thrive in an experiment, actually make something,exist in the spaces between the margins.

Selected Exhibitions

Pop Living Exhibition, “Lash”, digital photo, Schwartz Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 2015.

Snap to Grid Exhibition, “The Red City”, digital photo, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, United States, 2014.

Click Click Move Exhibition, “Austriangular” digital photo, Gallery

Umm, Contemporary Digital Artspace,, 2013.

Spectacular Sights exhibition, “Untitled”, manipulated postcards, Gallery KG52, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010.

Snap to Grid Exhibition, “No photos allowed”, digital photo, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, United States, 2008.

Smogfest Festival, “Ashtrays that may or may not encourage you to smoke”, collection of manipulated ashtrays, Milk Bar, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Labour Arts Festival, “Gum Bucket” sculpture, Artcite, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 2007.

BFA Graduate Exhibition, A variety of pieces; large-scale photo collages, video installations, drawings and paintings. Lebel Building, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 2006.

Labour Arts Festival, “A degree in Pizza” performance, Artcite, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 2005.

Student Exhibition, “Nobody’s Listening”, painting, Art Gallery of Lindsay, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, 2000.