Kim Myoung Soo

Kim Myoung Soo graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Hongik University in 1972 and since then had exhibited hundreds of times in various exhibitions in Korea and abroad.

The present is the Information and Mass communication era.  Kim Myoung Soo is interest in the diversity and the mechanical accuracy and clearness of images by bringing  every kind of printed matter together. Through them I’m working to create new images and make pictures using photograph and prints such as, apples, faces, clouds, rocks, paper cards (which is my pictorial icon), at the same time that is a symbol in order to transmit the vitality to those who lives with an unified civilisation.

Selected Solo Exhibitions & Group Exhibitions

20 times Solo Exhibitions

1972 Graduated from Dept. of Fine Art, Hongik UNIV

1997-1998 GANA Residence in France International Art Village by invitation of Ministry of Culture, France.

2007 Invitational Exhibition by Busan Art Center

2005 Geneva Art Fair

2003 MANIF – Seoul Int’l Art Fair, Hanjeon Plaza

2002 Invited to JOSUN Gallery, Expo Paris-Seoul

2001 MANIF Seoul Int’l Art Fair

1997 Residence in France International Art Village

1995 Invitational Exhibition By Park Young Duk

Over Hundred times paricipated in various exhibition in abroad and Korea