Klavier, Paolo

” I deliberately represents the scenes of everyday life removed from the context in which they take place, leaving the person who admires the picture of finish the same work with any personal memories.”


Paolo was born in Udine in 1958. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice; 2014 represents the 26th anniversary of professional artistic activity.

His paintings tell the viewer about daily life scenes, representing meetings, moments of conviviality, unrelated to the context in which they take place; people are isolated from the surrounding environment, floating in a colored fog where there is no way to identify the square, the street, the neighborhood in which is taking the narrated scene.

People live, communicate, are intercepted in unidentified places, in “no-places”, as they are, in fact, nowadays, the main human community centers, not the squares of the historic city of Roman or medieval matrix, but shopping malls,  anonymous industrial suburbs, the disqualifying spaces, the markets of poor quality products, generated by a consumer society in declension. The viewer, with his own imagination, has the task of complete the painting, contextualizing it in a personal context of memories and experiences.

In his journey through the world of art, he can list several group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally, one of the most important things to remember :

– Galleria Corsi – Milano – Italy;

– Scoleta San Zaccaria – Venice – Italy;

– Vatican gallery Della Pigna – Rome – Italy;

– Galleria Athena – Catania – Italy;

– exposure at the Kraft company ‘s show -rom – Milan;

– exposure at Enoteca Regionale – Canelli – Piemonte – Italy;

– Arts Center of Istanbul;

– Castle of Colloredo di Montealbano (Udine) – Italy;

– Terrazza a Mare – Lignano Sabbiadoro – Italy;

– Civici Musei, Palazzo Elti – Gemona – Italy;

More prizes awarded :

– XIII International Biennial Art F.V.G.:

Prize for Painting San Zaccaria – Venice;

– XIV International Biennial of F.V.G.:

Special prize for painting from the Province of Udine – Italy;

– XV contest town of Udine:

Second Prize gold medal of the FVG Region;

– First prize in the contest Athena – Catania – Italy;

Since 2010 he’s artistic director of the International Festival of Painting, Premio Arte Coseano.