Kozhevnikov Alexandr

Alexandr Kozhevnikov was born in Barnaul city, Altai region, Russia, Siberia. Altai is a region with wonderful nature and it is the birthplace of the ancient Scythians. He graduated from the Medical University, pharmaceutical faculty. He liked to draw in childhood, but then it took a backseat in his life. Recently, he felt the necessity to draw again. Step by step skills grew, he began self-training and he started to take part in various competitions and exhibitions .

His inspiration comes from a variety of sources such as music, the works of famous painters, personal emotional experiences . But the main source remains untouched wild nature of the Altai Mountains. All his artworks are made with the rare technique of oil pastels . “I believe that this material is undervalued. It is not easy to learn oil pastel but it is surprisingly interesting and original. I consider my duty to improve in oil pastels and advocate this kind of art all over the world.”


Awards and Publications:  he took part in the international competition in Moscow «Russian week of arts», Spring 2016: 1 and 3 places in the division of graphic arts with artworks «Ice» and «Mountain Beluha.  Altai». Now he is currently taking part in the ongoing international competitions: «My Italy» with artworks «Dolomites Alps_Italy», «Grand Canal bridge Rialto Italy Venezia» and «Dante». Participation in  competition- exhibition «EthnoArtFest» 2016  in London in summer.