Lawlor, Suzy

Suzy Lawlor’s work explores the mergence of contemporary artistic methods with traditional arts and crafts technique. Her practice investigates the conflicting relationship between the perceived old and new ways of creating physical art. Combining modern and classic to create unique and original artworks. The artistic process of creating natural and spacial metamorphoses is a common theme in Suzy’s work. The examination of when nature is represented through art and the degree of transformation that takes place each time it is processed and produced through the artist’s mind and body.Intricate patterns inspired by organic elements are a recurring prominent presence in her pieces. Considering the findings of nature being a powerful communicative force and investigating how and what it  communicates when manufactured. Suzy studied Fine Art in Central Saint Martins, University of Art and Design, London, graduating July 2015. Suzy is a resident of Acme Studio’s Central Saint Martins Associate Studio Programme 2015. Suzy was shortlisted for the Clyde & Co Blank Canvas Prize 2015 and has been shortlisted for the Clyde & Co. Art Prize 2015 (winner to be announced March 2016).

The Built Bloom2015 65x65Laminated photographic paper, acrylic on canvas £ 600

The Built Bloom 2015 65×65 Laminated photographic paper, acrylic on  canvas                     £ 600



2015   ‘Clyde & Co Art Prize’, Clyde & Co

2015   ‘Summer Salon’, Angus-Hughes Gallery

2015   ‘Seeds, Flowers, Fruit’, The Blue Studios

2015   ‘Show One’, Central Saint Martins

2014   ‘Balancing Acts’, Camden Arts Centre

2011    Royal Shakespeare Company Gallery, Stratford-Upon-Avon


Central Saint Martins – University of Arts and Design September 2012 – July 2015 BA Honors Degree in Fine Art


2015   Clyde & Co Art Prize, shortlisted

2015   Clyde & Co Blank Canvas Prize, shortlisted

Suzy is a resident of Acme Studio’s CSM Associate Studio Programme 2015