Louafi, Valentine

The “Gold serie” of majestic and iconic portraits of bodymodified men and women from worldwide tribes aims to show the diversity and to question the notion of beauty by capturing the essence and authenticity on an expression, a sight, and create a cuttout technique able to render the texures.The cuttouts are framed into a shadow box, between two pieces of glass to make them float and allow the shadow to be projected onto the metal gold paper background. So that the shadows fill the spaces and coloured the skin in constantly various golden tones, creating a vibrant communication with the viewers. Light and transparency give powerful relief, delicate uniqueness and deepness to the subject, magnified by the golden symbolic texture which highlights the feel of dignity and pride that emane from these faces. I would like the viewers to feel the ancestral wiseness and feel some sacred connections with these people, feel the cultures, feel connected.”


Valentine is a french graphic designer and papercut artist based in Southern France. Her studies were based around 2D animated movies and furthermore my thesis encompassed the representation of silhouettes, especially transcribing expression and body movement and the use of positive and negative contrast between the two. She mostly cuts portraits, mostly from Africa, which hold a near and dear place in her heart and from a single sheet of paper, playing with the light and the shadows, the sharpened lines and outlines, struggling to find the perfect balance between full and empty. Paper cutting satisfies her exigency of the perfect gesture. With some contraints like a limited tool such as a blade and a sheet of paper, you need to be more creative.


Solo and Collective Exhibitions:

Collective exhibition : The Brick Lane Gallery, London (7th – 17th July 2016)

Collective exhibition coming : Moskow (December 2016) and Cape Town (Spring 2017)