Love, Gina

I would define my artwork as intense creative compulsion and cognitive abstract expression. Complex thought patterns are replicated in the interaction of layers of paint, and contrasting heavy textures within the pieces.”


Gina Love was born in Devon, grew up in the Cotswolds, and have lived in Bristol (UK) since 2004, after a brief spell in London and France.

She studied Fine Art Painting/Printmaking at University and specialise in Abstract Expressionism. In May 2015, she underwent counselling for anxiety and depression, and she came across the Psychological theory the ‘Tyranny of the Should’.  Her interpretation of the therapy she received evoked a whole new body of work and fascination with the subject matter, and the development of a cognitive aesthetic.  She became fascinated with the power and connotations of the aesthetic image.

Her process follows paint being released onto canvas whereby she paints free flow, emotively and impasto.  She often finds herself using 3 paintbrushes, and a pallet knife at once.  She also uses objects to create dense textures in the paint. Painting is her means of expression, and brushstrokes often happen dramatically, emotively, instinctively and quickly.

Through creating bold, dramatic and intriguing canvases she can translate cognitive thought patterns into a strong bold image, bypassing verbal communication. She frequently work on more than one piece simultaneously to encourage the aesthetic journeys and developments within each piece.  She picks colours as they come to her, and let the paint/canvas take on a life of their own.   She aims to transport the viewer to an imagined place with her paintings, much like the experience when viewing a photograph.



June 2003- Group Exhibition – Degree Show, University of Plymouth

May 2016- Group Exhibition Art in Mind Revisited –The Bricklane Gallery

June 2016 – Group Exhibition Art In Mind True Colours – The Bricklane Gallery

July 2016 – Solo Exhibition Painting and Prosecco

July 2016 – I am painting at Upfest in July 2016, being one of 300 artists selected from over 700 applicants.

October 2016- Solo Exhibition  I have another exhibition called ‘The Shoulds’ in October in Bristol at the Christmas Steps Gallery.