Marco Donnarumma

About the Artist

Marco was born in Naples in 1967. After completing his law studies, he decided to follow his true passion and devote his life to art. Marco educated himself with the aid of workshops studying for long periods in the art and techniques of the old masters.

Marco spent much of his free time travelling and gathering inspiration globally from different traditions. The experiences he had whilst travelling gave new life to his creations. One such experience happened in the three years he lived in Japan. Here he met Sensai Hideo Torazawa, who shared with him the secret art and technique of the Japanese ceramic traditions.

Marco’s sculptures embody the beauty of the greek myths and the pursuit of reaching beyond human limitation. His work predominantly focuses on the human form and of the natural expressions and facial lines that portray a sense of the strength of soul of the subjects.

Marco’s creative outlets reach beyond the realms of sculpture with him creating music in his spare time. Marco has created many works throughout his career with a major work, ‘San Gerolamo’ being installed at the San Gerolamo Church in Naples.

Solo Exhibitions: 

2012 “Segni dal Mondo Fluttuante” Drawings and Travel Photos Exhibition, Villa Arbusto – Lacco Ameno, Ischia (Naples)

2004 “Sogni Fluttuanti” Ceramis, Drawings and Travel Photos Exhibition – Tokorozawa, Tokyo (Japan)

2002 “Maghreb: I toni dell’ indaco”  Museo del  Torrione – Forio  d’Ischia – Napoli

2001 “Marco’s Artworks” Hotel  Miramare – Ischia, Naples

2000 “Maghreb: I toni dell’indaco” Museo dell’Opera del Chiostro di Santa Chiara – Naples

1999 “Terrecotte di fine millennio”  Sala Consiliare del Complesso di Santa Maria La Nova, Naples

1999/2000 Permanent Exhibition at  Galleria  di  Via Caetani (Studio) – Napoli.

1999  Showroom “Carosone”  – Napoli

1998 “Madonne, Guerrieri,Viaggi: il Mio  Sacro” San Girolamo delle Monache Church – Naples

Collective Exhibitions:  

1999 “Arte tra la gente” Galleria Umberto – Naples

1999 “Linee artistiche a confronto” Palazzo dei Congressi – Lugano (Switzerland)

1999 “Linee Artistiche a Confronto” Antisala dei Baroni, Maschio Angioino – Naples


2002 4°Award “Remo Brindisi”, Castello Estense di Mesola – Ferrara

2002 “Citta’ di Roma” Award, Sala La  Lupa Palazzo Barberini, Rome

2000 “Giubileo 2000” Sacred Art Award – Naples


“Artisti  Italiani del Secondo Novecento” Helikon 1999

“Arte Moderna, Artisti Contemporanei dal Secondo Novecento ad Oggi” G. Mondadori 2000

“Annuario d’Arte Moderna. Artisti contemporanei” Acca in…Arte, 2000

COMED Catalogue 2000.

“L’altro modo di  volare” Catalogue 200

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