” The primordial sense of research, an act due to the trembling ego. Image does not reflect reality. The incessant doubt moves the desire.  No more towards the mistification, never again in its own intent.  In the breaking of that mirror, where fragments lead, reality becomes image. Imaginative reality.” –  Max Ciogli



Born in Rieti in 1975, the contemporary artist and composer Max Ciogli attended the
Academy of Fine Art in Perugia where he studied Painting and Phenomenology of Contemporary Art. After having worked as a designer for Guzzini and Imetec, he eventually started exhibiting. He created a new artistic dimension where painting and music are two important parts of his work.

Together with musician Marco De Biasi, Ciogli created a new artistic movement called “Sin E”. They realised a special software “PaintSound” that translates the environmental sounds into dynamic lights. Each sound correspond to a colour (light) that hits the painting bringing it to a new life. The project was noticed by curator Gianluca Marziani who invited Ciogli to Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto to realise an installation for the 56° Festival dei Due Mondi.

Paint Sound software is the first of its kind to be used in Italy to teach music to deaf students at the Istituto Statale Sordi in Rome.


For more information about the artist visit his website


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