Mireia Izquierdo

“I predominantly paint abstract art as I feel the medium is open to more viewer interpretation; every time an abstract painting is viewed something different is seen, the spectator can think of something new. When not completing commissions, my practise concentrates on exploring different textures and surfaces, recreating abstract landscapes.”

Since 2012 Mireia has  been working as an Architect in London, after having completed her undergraduate Architecture studies in Spain and Italy, and a postgraduate Master in London. From early on in her studies, art has been an important expressive outlet, complimenting her training in more pragmatic designs. In 2013 she choses to dedicate more time to developing her art practice and embed herself in London’s rich art community. Since starting to create and sell art in the UK in 2013, she has sold more than 150 original pieces to clients in 20 countries, but mostly in the UK, USA, Spain and Italy. She has also participated in 3 group artistic exhibitions:

Solo and Collective Exhibitions:

● UNLEASHED EXHIBITION (March 22, 2016 – April 2, 2016)
Venue: Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street
● LONDON COFFEE FESTIVAL (April 3, 2014 – April 6, 2014)
Venue: Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane
● THE COFFEE ART PROJECT (March 22, 2014 – March 30, 2014) Venue: Truman Brewery, Shop12