Ombretta Del Monte

Italian artist Ombretta Del Monte, graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Painter and writer, her poems are published in the “Encyclopedia of Contemporary Poets” by Aletti Editore (2009). In the same year, she writes “TRA SABBIA E SASSI”, an autobiographical novel published by “Arduino Sacco Editore” in Rome. In 2010, the novel was awarded by the “Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale” at Pieve S. Stefano (Arezzo, Tuscany) – the so called “Diary Village” hosts an archive with memoires of over 5000 Italian families. In 2013, she exhibits at the Museum of Italian Contemporary Arts in America (MACIA Museum) during the 55th Edition of the Venice Biennial, organized at Palazzo Merati d’Audiffret de Greoux. In the same year, she wins the “Luana Raia Award” presented at Anstel Art Gallery in London and with the work “Cristo, Maria and Maddalena” she is awarded at the symposium “Io sono diverso” (I am different) in Milan, Italy. Other exhibition and awards: awarding artist at the “Penisola Sorrentina Award”, the Lecce Biennial, Montacarlo Award, “ Fashion Cinema” at “Il Trittico” gallery in Rome, PAN organized by Michelangelo Iossa and Carmine Aymone and sponsored by the American and the British Consulates in Naples. Honorary Awards by the Constantine and Norman Academy, “Aspettando la Biennale”, Milan; “Ars et Humanitas” at the Diocesan Museum “Francesco Gonzaga”, Mantova; Lagonegro Gala; International September Art Urbis in Rome; the Christmas Concert directed by Andrea Bocelli organized by Arnaldo Blancardi; Medal of the Vatican State; Parchment for artistic and human merit by the Knights of Malta; “Wonder in the mirror” exhibition at Heel 11, Venice; “D’arte d’amore, donna” Award ceremony, Forte San Gallo, Nettuno; “Ingrid Bergmann Centenario dalla nascita” exhibition at Casa del Cinema, Rome; group show at Galleria Angelica, Rome; “Art and his friends” at Forte Michelangelo, Civitavecchia, Italy.

Among publications Euro Arte Magazine, “Eyes – Occhi” by Bruno Oliviero

In 2014, Ombretta donated a portrait to Pope Francis.

She is among “Master of Art” at the Deutsche Bank in Civitavecchia, Italy.