Paolo Cenedese

About the Artist

Born in Murano in 1952, Paolo’s passion for glass has spanned over 40 years.

Paolo spent his younger years working for various major companies such as Barovier & Toso and Seguso before finally settling in 1978 and acquiring his first lampworking studio. This is where he started to develop his much-loved style.

Over the years Paolo’s undeniable style and expertise have led him to collaborate with some of the largest Murano brands such as Venini, Salviati and Berengo. His collaborations didn’t stop there with projects ranging globally with bespoke jewellery designs and projects with international artists such as Ted Muehling, Frank Borst and Anneé Olofsson, to name but a few.

His respected works also secured him a teaching spot at the glass school of Murano. Most of Paolo’s techniques are executed via the lampworking method with him combining techniques for specialist projects.

Paolo’s most recognized and powerful pieces, ‘Butterflies’ were inspired by a childhood game of catching colourful butterflies and keeping them in a see-through box. His first use of the butterflies was a collaborative effort with Venini where his handmade glass butterflies were placed inside a glass hatbox. Since this first piece, Paolo’s butterflies have ‘flown’ into new projects involving wood and various materials.


2013 “Murano Award”

2012 “Murano Award”

2011 “Murano Award”

2010 “Murano Junior Award”

2009 “Murano Junior Award”

2007 “Murano Award”


2013 “Mostra S.Nicolò” (Murano)

2011 “Mostra S. Nicolò” (Murano)

2008 “Mostra S. Nicolò” (Murano)

2007 “Mostra S.Nicolò” (Murano)

2007 “Italian Ways” (Cheongiu – Corea)

2006 “Glassdressing” (Venice – Trieste)

2006 “Di Terra E Di Fuoco” (Massamarittima)

2005 “Scherzi Di Carnevale” (Murano)

2005 “Expo” (Venice)

2004 “Vitraria” (S.Vito Al Tagliamento – Pordenone)

2004 “Sogno Di Una Notte…”  (Murano)

2004 “Open Torch” (Murano)

2003 “Vitraria” (S. Vito Al Tagliamento – Pordenone)

2003 “Vetro In Scena” (Murano)

2003 “Open Torch” (Murano)

2002 “Mostra Del Bicchiere” (Murano)

2001 “Mostra Del Bicchiere” (Murano)

2001 “Aperto Vetro” (Venice)



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