Pinsone, Stefania

Stefania is a digital-realistic-painter and portraitist, skilled in acrylic painting. She graduated as a painter from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, after which she completed the degree of history of art at the University of Rome, with a publication based on her master’s thesis. Along with the studies and the artistic activities, she worked for 10 years as a high school teacher in Rome. She has made three personal exhibitions, participated in several collective exhibitions and was represented on a number of art fairs.


She was strongly influenced by the art of Gerhard Richter in her artistic development, to the point of considering the challenge of being the painter of the century of digital images just as Richter was the painter of the century of photographic images. Richter painted the photographic image with all its flaws such as unclear focus and shaken or moved pictures, she paints the digital image with all its flaws such as jpeg effects, glitch, chromatic aberration etc. She has an ironic, sometimes even caustic view of the images that almost overwhelm us in the present society of mass communication. She paints photo-realistically, adding a bit of freehand “jpeg-digital noise” because this noise accentuates the feeling of disturbance, as does the use of dissonant colours. She aims to show the other side of the social network society by mixing the languages, creating a new multimedia language with real digital images taken from her personal network archive, but painted using the traditional analog technique of acrylic on canvas with very bright and intense colours.


Personal Exhibition, with catalogue, Galleria d’Arte Mascherino, curated by G. Marziani, Rome
Personal Exhibition. Studio D’Arte Cannaviello, curated by E. Cannaviello, Milano
Collective Exhibition. Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Roma, curated by “Mecenate 90”
“Hellzapoppin” collective exhibition. Galleria d’Arte Mascherino, curated by S. Dello Schiavo und A. Gianvenuti, Rome
“Match” collective exhibition. Galleria d’Arte F. Russo, Rome
“Nuovo Quadro Contemporaneo” collective exhibition. Palazzo Cedir, Reggio Calabria
“Blerò” Personal Exhibition. Fondazione Katinca Prini and Contini Gallery, curated by A. Contini, Bardonecchia (IT)
“Collocazioni domestiche: percorsi urbani” collective exhibition. Show Room SMIT, curated by B. Martusciello, Rome
“Sommerausstellung” collective exhibition, Galerie Schöneck, Riehen, Basel
“Selection” collective exhibition, Galerie Schöneck, Riehen, Basel
“Under One Roof” collective exhibition, Gum Gallery, May, Moscow
“Cutlog NY” Art Fair, May, New York
“Frisch Gestrichen” double exhibition, Galerie Eulenspiegel, Aug.-Sept., Basel
“Copenhagen Art Contemporary art fair”, September, Copenhagen
“Hiver 15” collective exhibition, Place Suisse des Arts, January, Lausanne
Double exhibition in the art Gallery Haus am Bach, April, Sissach (CH)
“Kölner LISTE” art fair, 15–19 April, Cologne
Solo Exhibition with catalogue, Art & Context 101, Art Gallery, curated by Dr. Bernard Reuter,
October-November, Basel
“Satellit 15”, collective exhibition with SGBK Basel, November, Liestal (CH), in collaboration with “Kultur Nacht Liestal”
Personal Exhibition in the City Hall of the town Lausen (CH), December
“AAF, Affordable Art Fair”, with Galerìa Gaudì (exhibition with 4 artworks), 26–29 February, Brussels
Representation at Atkinson Collection Gallery, Elmhurst, IL, United States
Personal Exhibition in Centrepoint, Lohnhof, April-July, Basel
“Modern Woman In Art”, International Exhibition for modern and current art, Basel Art Center, 27-29 June, Basel
LISTE 21/Art Basel – art fair, represented by Kaskadekondensator & Dr. Kuckucks Labrador, 14-19 June, Basel
Representation at Le Dame Art Gallery, June-December, London,
UK Awarded artist at EWAAC 2016 (EAST WEST ART AWARD COMPETITION- London) in “painting” with the Encouragement Price; exhibition in London: “La Galleria Pall Mall”, 18 – 22 October 2016
Representation at Gateway Art Center NYC, Manhattan, (USA), exhibition with 3 artworks, 12 -25 December
Selected artist for exhibition at Onepeak Hubei Culture Media Co., Ltd., TS1 Gallery, (selected artist), Hongshan District of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China (2016-2018), with the agency (for 2 years, 2017-2018) Amalart S.r.l.
Selected artist for Artist in Residence in UK 2017 with final exhibition in London (Bedford university, 29 July -12 August 2017) 2