Profil, Makenol

SYNERGY – Nature & Humanity
“I am an artist, born and raised in Haiti since 1979. I learned the art of painting from my uncle, Jonas Profil, 15 years ago. Since then I have been an autodidact. Years and years of self-teaching have led me to create my own style, my own subjects, and my own stories. My inspiration comes from my heritage and my spirituality, the music I hear, the landscapes I see and the country that I live in. I represent the strong connection between all the elements of nature including humans. My message goes beyond the need to protect Nature; I see the world as I believe it should be, as one; a world where humans have finally understood that Mother Nature can guide us. Nature witnesses and records our actions and beliefs; it conveys messages from the past to the present. My paintings reflect the synergy between trees and human beings; they live together protecting and nurturing each other. My work invites you to enter into a secret art world; a world where you can visualize the peaceful nature of a true harmony. My stories illuminate those who still believe that nature is an artefact”


Makenol Profil benefits from a fast growing recognition in the UK art market. His works are being compared to the detailed visions of Breugel the Elder, and the oniric and fertile imagination of Hieronymus Bosch. Because Makenol wants his works to be accessible to all a promotional offer of 30% on all paintings is being offered for the rest of the exhibition.



Makenol Profil is represented by THE smARTest PROJECT, an art organisation based in the UK that promotes Worldwide Inspirational Contemporary Art.

The organisation reveals, empowers and grants uncovered international artists new opportunities for creating, nurturing and sharing their art. It brings more visibility, recognition and fairness in the art world market for these highly talented artists.

The organisation accompanies their aspirations and supports their local art entrepreneurship. It builds their profile and raises their repute online through media and during international events (exhibitions, festivals and competitions). It explores innovative concepts through the meeting of visual and performing artists from different cultures. It brokers new private, public and corporate partnerships to stimulate the production of exclusive campaigns, publications, indoor and outdoor artworks.