Purnomo, Ipung

“My art is portraying the daily lives of Papuan. I focus on their expressions rather than their complete figures. It’s really exciting to know people’s expressions.That drives me to paint. My paintings are based on photographs, but they aren’t portraits. After I take some pictures, which I do while I’m travelling to the nearest town, Timika, I explore those photographs and visualize them. Very often, to reach my artistic satisfaction, I leave out some parts. I’m living far away from bustling city. The town where I live is surrounded by a forest, a small town, but a modern one. Yet, it’s very hard to find art utensils  and there is no art community here. I am not giving up because art is part of my life. Twice a year, I have a vacation and bring art medium to Papua, but when it runs out, I have to use any means. I often go to Yogyakarta for holiday to check out what’s happening in art now and to meet my fellow artists to have discussions. Yogyakarta is a city of art and its art really inspires me. For me, art is a quest. I must keep trying to search for something artistically unique and distinctive,that’s why my early works were a bit experimental.It was a “search”. I must have bold ideas to express my art.The process won’t stop until I reach a refinement.”


Ipung Purnomo is a self-taught  artist. He was born in Indonesia  42 years  ago. He started his artistic career as a street artist. His artworks were mainly landscapes and portraits. Then he went to a college to study English. He painted figures more intensively. He had his first solo painting exhibition at his college. He moved to Jogyakarta in 2001. He was inspired by the arts in the city with its thriving developments and styles. He ran a painting studio there. He then moved to Papua to search for a challenge and an adventure. He painted more intensively and seriously. He received trainings from some professional artsts. He was so determined and took his life path as an artist. He began his new artistic journey by painting Papuan figures.



Exhibitions :

1.Solo painting exhibition “Threshold Memoirs” at University of Malang in 2001

2.Collective exhibition “Project Binding” at Komharo Studio,Yogyakarta in 2015

3.Collective exhibition “Drawing Nusantara” at TBY,Yogyakarta in 2015

4.Solo painting exhibition “Wajah-Wajah”, Kediri in 2016

5.Collective woodcut exhibition “KIWA”,Kyoto,Japan in 2016

6.Collective exhibition “Relation In Print” at Miracle Print,Yogyakarta in 2016

Award/Workshop/Publication :

1.Received Certificate of Excellence from Artavita

2.Within 2013-2014, received trainings from some professional artists: Iwan Kartawijaya,Pranoto and Syahrizal Pahlevi

3.His works have been included in International Contemporary Artists artbook vol.XI by I.C.A Publishing, New York, USA

Upcoming exhibitions :

1.Collective exhibition “Adunanza” at M.A.D Gallery, Milan,Italy in November 2016

2.Artfair “Spectrum-RedDot” Miami,USA in November 2016

3.Collective exhibition “2nd Asean Graphic Arts Competition and Exhibition”,Hanoi, Vietnam in December 2016