Silvestri, Sofia

Sophia Silvestri was born in Terlizzi, (BA), Puglia, Italy, in 1989.



She is a self taught artist, since she was a child she had a passion for painting, inherited from her mother. Graduated in graphic design and student of foreign languages, she started seriously to paint in 2008, experimenting new techniques using oil as unique tool to express herself.

She found her personal style painting the subjects mostly black and white, using a one-color background, choosing for it bright colors.Nevertheless they mark the essence of the black.

She uses a maximum of 3-4 colors for each painting, reminding the pop-art. She uses her art to catch moments of daily life, in which something is happening, leaving free the immagination of whom is watching.The subjects have an inaccurate position and shots are usually cutted, remainding camera’s shot.

She prefers oil painting, with the particularity of using a only brush for all paintings and in addition, she dilutes oli painting by using olive oil coming from her native region, that’s Puglia.

List of Solo and Collective Exhibitions:

Collective, 5 days exhibition in Andria, (BAT), Puglia, organized by Silvia Tolomeo (Artist), with women as a central theme.

Colletive, 8 days exhibition in Trani, (BAT), Puglia, organized by Silvia Tolomeo (Artist).

We had the presence of an important italian art critic, Giorgio Grasso, who made a tv show on his art channel talking about my works and writing a review. the event went on local tv news and local newspapers.