Simona Stivaletta


Simona Stivaletta was born in Vasto (Italy) in 1970. Trained as an artist in her youth, she later moved to Florence, where she studied and worked in fields as diverse as puppetry and the restoration of antiques. Over the past decade she has focused exclusively on painting, with shows hosted throughout Italy and Germany. Her production has been described as “deceptively naif”, ciCione.  Artists as diverse as Klee, Lowry, Mondrian and Wallis all inform Stivaletta’s work, making her a medium of sorts for a myriad of influences internalized and metabolized over the course of decades. But such ownership of the past – in accord with the possibility of its essential dispossession – is what allows her, paradoxically, to invent a new language, a new vision: one both poetic and harmonious, where forms and colors mingle in startlingly original, indeed “musical” compositions.