Steven Bristow







Steven Bristow 28, I live and work in London

Until recently, Steven’s primary medium was pencil drawing but after a backpacking adventure he began experimenting with different mediums and discovered a love for oil paints. Steven’s work is contemporary with a pop art and sometimes urban twist. It’s a reflection of the world he lives in, all things old and new. Believe it or not, Steven has never had any formal training, he is self-taught. He taught himself how to draw, paint and create interesting pieces with wire. Steven is a versatile and exciting artist whose techniques and style adapt and grow with every piece.

Steven creates art using oil paints because he feels that he can bring to life his thoughts with bold and brighter colours that reflect how he sees the beauty of the world. Having recently started traveling, he begun to see the world differently. Its vibrancy, its cruelty, its humanity and cultures, its natures and true beauty. He wishes to reflect this in his art, difference is beautiful.

Steven’s work aims to represent a part of humanity that is sometimes misunderstood. Our difference. We are the same from within, our skeletal framework remains the same but the way we experience the world, our beliefs, cultures and environment, leads us down different paths.

The Human Condition

Whilst working on a body of work focused around humanity, I received the news that a family member was diagnosed with cancer. Having already suffered losses to the disease, it made me think about the condition. The Human Conditions use of the pink ribbon represents the most recognised symbol for cancer. The skull unravels because I personally feel that the more the human race discovers about itself, the more we have to make difficult choices.

Are we meant to interfere with mother natures will?