Stramaglia, Vito

Vito Stramaglia was born in Italy.

Son of three generations  of painters  and decorators, his natural environment was full of color and art. Vito had received a training in order to become a painter,  but later on he had developed a troubled relationship  of love and hate with painting. In Fact , at some point in his adolescence this  relationship led him to dedicate himself to competitive sports, becoming a professional boxer. At the peak of his boxing career  he felt  a strong need to to go back to his first passion devoting his life to look for the inner soul of things through painting.

Today, in his work , it is possible to read his story, his research.After a profound study of the old masters  and the avant-gardes, supported by constant wish for spirituality, he reached his personal vision of life, inspired by quantum physics; by  the illusion of the existence form, translating it with his painting.

In his paintings the form is crushed and lost in the “whole “, shaping the original subject in an  overwhelming and powerful message of strength and tenderness.His painting does not want to say anything. No concept, only painting, pure painting that is embroidered on the canvas with lumps of colors and elegant brushstrokes. Individuals become pretext and everything else does the soul of the painter that distorts the shape, blends, the size and reach to the essence of the Whole. It is felt in the paint flashes of poignant love combined with accents of unprecedented violence, NAILS AND FEATHERS. Nothing more than what life gives us every day, extreme violence in a  deep love.

No message, only a great desire to understand who we are, and to live in the paint without judgment.



2002: 3rd Biennal of painting “ Felice Casorati Award” sponsored by:  Piedmont region,  Province of Turin,City of Pavaroco, Piedmont Art Association

2003: Participation at “ National arts award” in Rome. Promoted by the Ministry of Education, patronage of the President of the italian Republic.

2004-2005-2006: Group exhibition called “PITTURADUE” sponsored by the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, City of Conversano, Department of Culture; at the Cloister of St. Benedict in St. Joseph Church in Conversano

2004: Group exhibition called “IMMAGINI E SEGNI” sponsored by the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari

2005: Group exhibition called “L’UOMO AL CENTO DELL’UOMO” edited by IDEAXION NPO in collaboration with BANCA Mediolanum at SHERATON NICOLAUS Hotel

2006: SOLO EXIBITION called “L’UOMO AL CENTRO DELL’UOMO” sponsored by the University of Bari in Hall of Frescoes, Palace Ateneo, Piazza Umberto Bari

2007: Group exhibition: “GLI ARTISTI DEL CENACOLO” at the art gallery “LA MERIDIANA” (Bari, Italy)

2010: Group exhibition: ECLETTICA E JAZZ CONCERT” contemporary art exhibition at the Castle of Carovigno (Brindisi,Italy)

2010: work-portrait for the naming of the University of Bari Aldo Moro


2011-12: Solidarity Auction’s “AIUTIAMO LA PACE” 16th ed. Sponsored by  Province of Ascoli Piceno among artists Mimmo Paladino, Mark Kostabi, Bruno D’arcevia, Aldo Damioli

2015: Bi-personal:  “KULI ALMA- THE ALL WORLD”, at the art gallery STATUTO 13 in MILAN

2016: Solo Exhibition “TacitaMente”   Chamber  Of  Deputies  ROME

2016: Group Exhibition   “Flu Games 2”   Malzfabrik   BERLIN

2016: Group Exhibition   “Corpo Sacro” OnArt Gallery   FLORENCE


2009: “Caterina de’Medici” award; Sponsored by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, an event as part of “Il Genio Fiorentino”, in collaboration with CITY OF FLORENCE, PROVINCE OF FLORENCE AND TUSCANY

2009: Regione  Puglia’s grant (Bollenti Spiriti)

2015: Aldo Moro awards; Sponsored by Regione Puglia

2016: “Tina Prize  SAO PAULO”  selection for solo  exhibit in Ornitorrinco Gallery