Tatawa (born in Malaysia, 1991) is a mixed-­‐media abstract artist currently based in London. With a background in music composition, she completed her Master’s degree in Music Technology at New York University. In summer 2015, while developing work on image-­‐based experimental sound art, Tatawa started exploring the world of abstract painting – first collaborating with her teacher Gina Bonati and then experimenting on her own, drawing inspirations from the great Abstract Expressionists to today’s cross-­‐disciplinary, multimedia artists. Since then she has become a full-­‐time artist and has exhibited in New York, London, Rome, Barcelona and Berlin.


Tatawa’s art is an urgent, self-­‐gratifying release through spontaneous gesture. With fragmented marks, wandering lines and graffiti-­‐like stains, she seeks to capture the most immediate impulse – sometimes painting faster than her mind can judge. Hercommitment to authenticity results in an inconsistency in style. Each day a new character emerges and the old one disappears like shredding skin. Like journal entries, the experiences of the day are purged onto the canvas, often with a period of mindless doodling before the painting settles down into a satisfying shape and form. Her belief is that the nature of habit is sufficient as a source of structure. Tatawa’s work celebrates the inherent validity in any given expression. Her desire is to create an idealized space where erratic uncertainties swim in a womb of eternal perfection.


List of Solo and Collective Exhibitions:

Summer Arts Prize Finalist Exhibition, Lacey Contemporary Gallery, August 2016 Abstract Art Group Show, Brick Lane Gallery, London, August 2016

Summer Residence, RossoCinabro, Rome, July 2016

XXS Summer Exhibition, Berlin Blue Art Space, Berlin, July 2016 EGOS XII, CRISOLART Galleries, Barcelona, July 2016

MELT by Tatawa, Adjacent to Life Gallery, New York, May 2016


Awards and Publications:

Contemporary Art Curator – Article Feature

Lacey Contemporary 2016 Summer Arts Prize – Finalist

International Confederation of Art Critics Art Contest– Best entries of June

Jackson’s Open Art Prize 2016 – Longlist

Celeste Prize 2016 – Editors’ Choice