Vijay Svhavan

The Trinity Saga

Vijay’s oeuvre is a resonance of diurnal and subliminal realities. His artistic matrix captures dislocations of demographic politics, enigma of sexuality, anarchy of desire, onslaught of technology and pathology of social maladies.
Nourished and mediated by adjunct memories, the dualism of freedom and choice generates a polemical dialogue: nature vs man, man vs self, man vs society, man vs technology. Man emerges as a psychophysical entity pitted against artificial intelligence. In the process of decoding today’s fast-paced information explosion, where the lines between the epistemological and the ontological realities are blurred, his works of art emerge as a metanarrative. The need for an omniscient narrator galvanizes the artistic search where revelations, senses and consciousness pour into the narrative sprawl. Consequently, the trinity of the real, the unreal and the hyper-real problematizes but ironically enriches this inter-textual narrative where emotional, rational, and electromagnetic impulses lie entwined with rapacious rapture seeking an existential foothold. The legitimacy and loss of linguistic hegemony with the singular emphasis on Tamil interrogate cultural praxis.
A symphony of anesthesia or synesthesia stems from the dialectical tension between appearance and reality. The motif of body, dismembered and hard-wired, is the whirling vortex of relentless programming the humanity is pushed into. The primacy of self-body tries to retrieve the diminishing vigour of nativity, primitiveness and primordial impulses. In the realm of ubiquitous computing, while human body is a media virus, human agent is a victim of infophobia. Here, to seek synchronicity (Jung) through the mediums of painting and digital art foregrounds the artistic ethos which lends itself to the internality (Hutcheson) of the sense of beauty.
Reality which at times is an ineffable conundrum, the recourse to allusions is an attempt to define or appropriate the irreducible. A discerning audience can identify a polyphony of voices – neo-pluralism, religious exclusivism, metaphysics, Cartesian dualism, egotism, cosmology, Eastern mysticism et al.  No wonder, in this multi-layered continuum, both the skeptic and the radical cannot escape the experiences of déjà vu. In short, Vijay’s work is a visual raaga of post-modern human condition.

–   Sudeep Ghosh, Art critic.  11 November, 20


Artist statement

From an innate private space I determined to exploit the potential of sociopolitical, personal and emotional expressions raised over self ideology and consciousness through my art work. My work evolves around variety, complexity, beauty and expression; juxtaposing the realm of new media technologies, that brings abbreviation to an artistic expression dealing with the reality of mundane human life experiences or idiosyncratic emotions. I try to articulate these experiences in a more implicit, allegorical and symbolical way in today context. In the domain of my work with various private industries, I explored the possibilities of new media art that facilitated me to carry forward my static painted images transforming them into visual animation. The roots of some my metaphorical animated images come from the memories of the past.
I fascinate to combine different media to have a wide range of methods and approaches available. In my works I tend to deal with two  dimensional terms and the perception of the self. This is relating the physical body to other ideas, analysing and transforming them to see how they interact, investigate and change. This is where my responses continue to scour the rhetoric of these unconventional practices. The notion of these activities and varied interrelated images and objects assist me to develop a language of binary terms through the dichotomy of rhetoric: purity and kitsch, noise and melody etc…


Vijayaraghavan was born in Madurai, India, he is a painter and video artist whose work explores the conceptual metaphorical between the self and the society. He has earned a MFA degree with a major in painting from the College of Art in New Delhi. He had participated various shows and biennials across the country. In 2015 – Objective presents Inter cultural video artist residency programe in Singapore, The chill concept, Miami New Media Festival, FL, USA, 28th Nomadic Festival Les Instants Vidéo, France, and Milan. PRÉAVIS DE DÉSORDRE URBAIN 9e édition, Marseille, France. The over real – Festival Internazionale VideoArte Viareggio, Italy.  2014- November, 36th Cairo International Film Festival, Cairo, Egypt, 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge [DLX], Berlin.
2013-May, Fonlad festival presents curated residence solo Exhibition – “Resemblance” – Video Art Installation in Espaco de Art’es Multimedia Performance and Alliance Franchise de Coimbra in Portugal. Group Exhibition: “5-video installation” Video Art Installation in Espaco de Art’es Multimedia Performance and Alliance Franchise de Coimbra in Portugal, 5th International Festival of Video-art, FIVAC Camaguey 2013, CUBA, PROYECTOR 2013. 6º Festival Internacional de Videoarte, Madrid (Sp), Trondheim (No), Coimbra (Pt) y Milán (It), “VIDEOHOLICA” International Video Art Festival 2013, Varna, Bulgaria.
2012- “SARAI READER 09” Curated by Raqs Media Collective and collaboration between Devi Art Foundation and Sarai – CSDS and supported by Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi. 25th EDITION OF THE FESTIVAL INSTANTS VIDÉO, in La Friche la Belle de mai, FRANCE, “Guest Invited Artist 4th edition of Viareggio Art Project”, Villa Paolina Bonaparte Museum of Viareggio, Italy. 2010 “Art & Cinema” -“Art mart” in epi-center, Gurgaon, Curate by Sushma bahl. Video Art project broadcast by MENESA and Presenting ikono TV, Berlin, Germany. Fugitive Video Project represents: Solus @ Filmbase, Dublin, Ireland, and Banff Center Banff, Canada. MVMA Fest 2010, Marfa TX, Co-Lab, organized by Birdhouse Collective in Austin TX, Version 10 Festival, Chicago IL. 2008 – Inner Eye – Video Art Projects – BLIND SPOT – DIE FABRIKANTEN, Austria. In 2006 – Free waves Presents “Too much freedom” 10th Biennale Film, Video & New Media Festival, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
The artist currently lives and works in India.