Vita James is a Latvian artist. She takes inspiration both from her life in rural Latvia and her experiences in London. Her work often reflects the contrast between these two worlds: complexity against simplicity, bold and bright against pale and opaque.


Vita uses different forms and techniques, such as  mixed media, photo based collages, sketches, oil and acrylic and abstraction.  She enjoys working slowly as attention to detail is very important to her and she focuses on relationships between the light and the form, the colour and the texture along with what turns the typically perceived ‘common’ into something striking and extraordinary.


Solitude 2015 90×60 Oil on canvas £ 750

About her work, she says:” For me, the creation of ever challenging abstraction in my work is my driving ambition.  I want to discover new horizons through the exploration of cause and effect, human form, nature, urbanisation, science and technology etc etc …. I have no boundaries”.